3 Bedroom Fully Detached Bungalow at Semi-Finished Level For Sale

3 bedroom fully detached bungalow at semi-finished level for sale. (The things that will not be included in the house are: Tiles, sanitary wares, windows and


Price: Fifteen Million Naira.

Alagbado, less than 25minutes drive from Alausa, Ikeja. Directly overlooking the Command Military Barracks in Iyana-Ipaja-Ayobo.

Other Fees:
Survey: =N=250,000
Deed: =N=250,000
Developmental: =N=500,000

Initial deposit: Two Million, Five Hundred Naira. Spread balance within 1 year.

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Alagbado is a completely developed community with easy access to the Lagos City Center and Administrative Capital. It is a well developed community with

good level of public and private infrastructure.

Capital Appreciation is guaranteed as Demand surely outweighs Supply in that Property Market. It is projected for between 25% to 30% annually.

We also have land here for sale. The land is completely solid and free from flooding so building on the land will be affordable and less stressful. No need for sand-filling, raft foundation or pilling. It is simply buy and build with ease.

NB: We’ll update the pictures as we build.

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